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Julio’s Famous Pizza

Bridgeport's Premier Pizza Serving the Bridgeport CT Area

About Julio's

When you walk into Julio's Famous Pizza, the first thing you notice is the delicious aroma of fresh food being prepared. Going the extra mile to make sure our clients have the healthiest, gourmet options available is just one of the few things that separates us from large chain pizza delivery services. Next you will probably notice our classic atmosphere with convenient tables and comfortable booth for your party to enjoy a meal, or even just a drink!

If you're spending lots of money on large pizza delivery chains and still unsatisfied time from time, its time to make a change for the better. Pick us and never deal with an unsatisfied stomach, or wallet. Our pizzerias has one of kind specialty pizzas, classics like pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza, and unmatched flavor packed into an exquisite barbecue chicken pizza. Order any three pizzas of any kind and get a two liter soda of your choice for free!

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We are located on 538 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT.

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"Great variety of delicious food, very inexpensive "delicious, nice and cheap good service and you feel at home as much recommend 's special cheap, tasty tacos and burritos delicious and fantastic casino clam . Despite the short time they have opened JULIO'S PIZZA is an excelent restaurant and much much better that famous pizza"


"This Pizza place is just like Famous, most likely because the cook & everyone else there worked at Famous Pizza. I haven't had any of the rice & beans or the tequila sauce breakfast but I'm sure it's good too. The Pizza definitely taste like Famous & I'm ok with that since I'm a long time fan of Pizza :-)"


"I love the service and the food... they are very generous with the food not cheap... I especially love their spaghetti with cheese and sauce... I like them more than the original Famous Pizza... I just had a pepperoni pizza and a Garlic bread with tomatoes, cheese and bacon."

Juana Rivera

"Was looking for the REAL famous pizza and this was it my husband and i even left with a free pizza to go along with our order service was fast and friendly will def be coming back"

Tonica Brunson

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